Swans are mean

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((Officially putting Finella on a ‘slowatus’ - I’ll rp with her every once in a while when I feel inspired, but I’m probably going to be slow. Sorry, my depression is slamming me right now and I gotta know my limits.))

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born-a-bloodsucker replied to your post: ((You know that groggy feeling you get when you…

((Oh goodness… Well, people are in Tennessee/on the way there, Cas and Finas still have Matthew and are trying to feed him like one would a cat while he tried to get Rook to come help him. Finella got her nose broken and is getting it fixed.))

((Oh poor Matt, thinking Rook would help.

How’d Finella break her nose?))

((He really needs to learn that that doesn’t help.

She broke her nose because she got in a fight with Cas and tried to attack him. He tripped her up and she fell, breaking her nose. I think.))

((Yup. Basically. She’s a little dumb sometimes. It’s not a bad break, but it’s gonna be sore as fuck and her nose will look a little wonky.))